Here’s what people are saying
about LOKO Cuisine.

“The most impressive aspect of a LOKO Cuisine Eggs & Kegs event is how seamlessly LoScalzo melds the tastes of beer and food together. From his Good Gourd Barbecue Sauce to his Maduro Brown Ale Turkey Gravy, John’s talent truly lies in making one think that these two flavors should have been together all along.”

-Mark DeNote, FloridaBeerNews.com

“I am very happy about the socials. It brings in a new clientele and it exposes some of our current customers to the fun side of food and beer pairings.”

-Joey Redner, Cigar City Brewing Founder/Owner

“His menu consists of four well thought out courses that, will on occasion, have an infusion of a particular beer. You also receive one free beer during the event. John has a gift for showcasing specialty items and products and integrating them harmoniously into innovative dishes.”

-Charlee Crawford, Tampa Bay Moms Blog

“Glad you are wanting to be involved, now I know everyone will be in for a treat! Food Trucks are dishing out some decent grub, but you always take it to the next level.”

-Travis Kruger, Crooked Thumb Brewery.

Just wanted to drop a line and say how impressed my wife and I were with your food at Eggs and Kegs last weekend. We both agreed that it was one of the best meals we’ve ever had. Every course was fantastic. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for more of your events. Keep up the good work! That was beyond delicious!!! Epic!!

-Brandon Knarr, LOKO Cuisine supporter

Hey John, Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the great food Sunday. Everything was pretty damn delicious, loved the french toast. Not only was the food great, but you made us feel welcome, that’s something we greatly admired about the event.

-Dug Rus, LOKO Cuisine supporter

“Hey Chef! Thanks for including us. I had a fun time out there (Magnolia Organics Farm). As I said before, I think it is awesome that you got 200 people out in the middle of nowhere to enjoy local food and local beer. Thank you… and always thanks for making it so easy to work with you!!”

-Justin Clark, Cigar City Brewing Vice President

“I had the pleasure of attending the LOKO Cuisine Brunch at Cigar City Brewing. Amazing food! Everything was so delicious, can’t wait to attend another one of their events. Kudos to John LoScalzo and everyone that helped him create such a special brunch.”

-Mercedes, LOKO Cuisine supporter