Marshal Zhukov’s Barrel-Aged Eggs & Kegs: 08/19/18 @ 11 A.M.

NO TICKETS ARE ISSUED. NO REFUNDS. Your name will be on the paid list with the number of tickets you purchased. Everyone in party should check-in under purchasers last name. Ticket price includes Florida sales tax.

Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout is now being released in November but that’s not stopping LOKO Cuisine from dishing up a Russian-style Eggs & Kegs one last time in August. In lieu of the beer not being brewed in August anymore, CCB will be pulling out some goodies from the cellar and tapping Cognac BA Zhukov’s Imperial Stout and Bourbon BA Florida-Style Zhukov’s Imperial Stout! The Ginger Beard Coffee crew will be on hand pouring their nitro infused cold brew coffee and tea. So come join us for a hearty brunch fit for a general, high ABV beers and of course obligatory hardcore Red Army choir anthems. Nah zda-rovh-yeh!

Price: $32.10