LOKO Cuisine


Upcoming Event: EGGS & KEGS 6/21/15 @ 11 A.M.

Here’s the flyer for the upcoming Loko event. Click the button to order tickets.

NO TICKETS ARE ISSUED. NO REFUNDS. Your name will be on the paid list with the number of tickets you purchased. Make sure everyone in your party checks-in under your last name. Price includes $1.75 Florida sales tax. Cigar City Brewing is located at 3924 W Spruce St Tampa, FL 33607.

Praise the lard its Father’s Day! Join Cigar City Brewing and LOKO Cuisine to celebrate dads and pork.  This Eggs & Kegs includes a self-serve 4-course feast loaded with pork, bacon and one drink (pint, equally priced snifter, or cider).  Ligero Black Lager and Bolita Double Nut Brown Ale will be on tap (Outskirts Imperial Stout is posted on card but not available for the event).

     Price: $26.75