LOKO Cuisine


Upcoming Events: Devil Dancer – 7/19/15 @ 11 A.M.

NO TICKETS ARE ISSUED. NO REFUNDS. Your name will be on the paid list with the number of tickets you purchased. Make sure everyone in your party checks-in under your last name. Price includes $1.75 Florida sales tax. Cigar City Brewing is located at 3924 W Spruce St Tampa, FL 33607.

Join Cigar City Brewing, Founders Brewing and LOKO Cuisine for a deliciously evil brunch and beers loaded with an insane amount of hops!  This devilish 4-courses menu features food that is inspired by Detroit and Latin cuisine.  Also included with the meal is one beer of your choice (any CCB pint, CCB snifter of equally priced value, cider, 16 oz. of Founders Red’s Rye IPA or 8 oz. of Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA, which is Founders most complex, most innovative, most feared and yet most revered ale produced.  We dare you to dance with the Devil.

    Price: $26.75